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Pub and Restaurant Photography is unavoidable in Norfolk simply because we boast such a wealth of great pubs and restaurants- not to mention equally wonderful bistro’s and cafes. A recent assignment saw me visiting a pub in North Norfolk which has recently undergone a facelift and revival with the hope of reinserting a beating heart in a community.

The Brisley Bell I’ve no doubt will be a very successful pub, it has a most welcoming and spacious bar area, a very comfortable and roomy snug, and two great dining areas- without even mentioning it’s enviable position overlooking a historic village green. The new owners have put their heart and soul into creating and recreating and even in the slightly chaotic pre-opening state in which I first visited the vision of its future is clear as a home from home for fine-diners and pub-goers alike.

With a new website needing images of the newly renovated interior and images required for PR in local foodie publications I was asked to produce some photographs prior to the Bell’s  grand opening. All hands were at the pump when I arrived a great team of staff, builders and plumbers all working hard to complete the build and put in place the fine details. I worked around curtains being hung, wall art being hung, radiators being bled, glasses unpacked and enjoyed every minute as I found myself marvelling at the beautiful interiors and the building’s new future. Fires were lit in the snug and bar, tables were laid, flowers and candles were carefully positioned and photographs were taken.

Working with the pub’s marketing team, we concentrated on the feel and ambience a visitor will experience on visiting the Bell and details of the interior decor. Wide vistas of the wonderful rooms weren’t quite available to us as work was still underway, and decluttering builders equipment and cleaning down surfaces was still to be completed, but I can’t wait to revisit the pub to take those photographs now the interior is finished. The images below are a small sample of those that can be now found on the Bell’s website here: Brisley Bell. I look forward to being able to show you some more of this wonderful eating and drinking establishment in the future.



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