Riverside Chalet Photography

Living in the Broadland area, I’m surrounded by water, holiday accommodation and boats. Numerous waterside chalets are to be found beside the broads and river network of the broads and these are often favourite locations for clients to visit who’ve fallen in love with the peace of the broads national park. Brundall which is a neighbouring village has a host of marinas, boat yards and chalets and it was here working with Silverline Marine that I photographed their own chalet Silver Breame beside the river Yare. Riverside Chalet Photography is important to market chalets as often prospective clients don’t get easy access to the chalet as they’re often facing the river and you need a boat to get a good look.

When owners update fixtures and fittings it’s important to capture new images that reflect these updates and of course it’s always great to get images during the good weather of summer, late spring and early autumn. To photograph Chalets I use the same techniques used to photograph designer kitchens and other properties, and am always happy to discuss rates with property owners so please get in touch. I hope you like these sample images of the Silver Breame Chalet.

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