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I was recently asked to produce school prospectus photography and website imagery for a sister school to one I photographed last year. Saxlingham School now has a new website and prospectus design including lots of the images produced during last years shoot, and the aim on this occasion was to produce a similar set of images that could be used in the web and prospectus redesign of Preston Primary at Tasburgh in Norfolk.

Prospectus photography for high schools tends to include set piece photographs usually featuring sciences, sports etc and these look great and are something I love to create. However, with primary schools the children aren’t always as willing to pose for shots so a more naturalistic and candid approach is often favoured. With a list of images requested by, and working with the headteacher of the school I spent the day creating photographs of the school’s children utilising the school’s equipment both sports and musical in this case, enjoying the school’s open spaces, learning in the classrooms, and at play. It was a great day, and as a parent myself, I know it’s always great not only to see children enjoying themselves at school but also getting down to work, and there was no shortage of both essential schooling elements in the photographs captured.

If you’d like to look at examples of my work beyond the buildings photography produced below as a part of my assignment then please check out the link to Saxlingham School’s website at the top of this article. Feel free to get in touch to discuss your school’s requirements.

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