School Prospectus Photography

The requirement for modern schools, academies and colleges to produce bright literature, websites and social media posts has never been greater. Communication and Advertising requires new photographs that illustrate and sell the learning experience offered to pupils and students, if not also the working environment for potential new teachers. The list of uses good photographs can be put to in relation to education establishments is almost endless. Prospectus photography used to be a once a year/few years undertaking but with this growth in engagement I believe that good quality photographs that can be held in a library and used when needed are a must.

A recent assignment saw me visiting a local village school to provide them with a gamut of photographs for use in all of the areas above. My brief was to spend just over half a day at the school recording images of buildings, learning experiences, sports, music, school uniform, drama, reading, peer learning, and facilities ranging from the library to the school’s allotment. I’ve worked in school’s in the past and enjoyed working with both the children and teaching staff producing the required photographs for this assignment, quickly and efficiently. Delivery of the images was via a secure online download gallery within a few days of the shoot and I was happy to hear that the images were quickly being used to show prospective parents the activities undertaken and environment of the school.

If you would like some prospectus images, or images to utilise for social media communications and marketing for your school, academy or college then please get in touch for a competitive quote.


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