Slightly bonkers Headshot Photography: Norwich

When you’ve been working with a company for a few years you can imagine that the process of going into the office to get some new headshots of new staff members could get a bit stale, repetitive, boring? Well, Headshot photography with Breakwater IT is usually anything but boring! In fact we’ve all started to wonder what new members of staff think when creative new headshots are being produced before they get a chance to stand in front of the camera: sometimes/most of the time, it’s like they’ve entered a slightly alternative headshot universe!

On this occasion we played host to two rubber ducks, beautifully painted and styled by the team, a slightly mad IT surgeon, a house plant, a yogi, a member of Grease’s T-birds gang, and Robert De Niro, we also had the new members of the team, keeping it slightly more sane!

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