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Recent work included heading to Fairhaven Woodland and Water Garden to work with them, and SJ3 Outdoors producing a social media advert for their paddle boarding experience sessions. Fairhaven has a beautiful private broad which is brilliant for both wild swimming and paddle boarding, in addition to newly accessible water gardens thanks to new bridges which paddle boarders and canoeists can travel underneath. The new bridges have been constructed to combat the threat of rising water levels to the safety of the original bridges which would be inundated by high tides and high water.

With a willing group of paddle boarders who didn’t mind appearing on film, I headed out to cover their session and give viewers of the advert an idea of the adventure and fun which awaits if they go paddle boarding at Fairhaven. Originally we planned to cover some of the action from the air with one of many drones that we utilise in our film work. However safety is a priority especially when working in proximity to people and the wind speeds on the day of filming precluded being able to safely operate the drones. Plan B on such an occasion was to join the boarders on the water by using one of Fairhaven’s trip boats and to get even more interesting shots by deploying an action camera on a long pole over the water to get close in to the boarders as they started their session on the open broad.

Away from the wind on the broad the boarders then entered the gardens, where again I was waiting with several ground cameras and an action camera still affixed to a pole. In order to get a view of what it’s like on the water itself we could have deployed an action camera on a wearable mount but preferred to use the pole on this occasion as it gave us greater control of the shots recorded and allowed us to also elevate the camera for overviews in addition to intimate follows along the water ways of the garden.

The whole film was designed to be short at under a minute in length and to be produced in both a landscape and portrait orientation to conform with social media norms. If you’d like a film produced of your leisure sector offerings then please get in touch.

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