Social Media and Website Photography for business in Norfolk: Zing Insights

I met up with the team from Zing Insights again recently to complete the second part of an assignment to produce some photographs for their new website and a few photographs they could also use on Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter.

We met up at The Forum in Norwich where the team had set up some of their market research pods and invited members of the public to fill in a short survey about The Forum so we could get some photographs for the new website. We also produced some team photographs with one being with this year’s Go Go Dragons. We mocked up a few photographs relevant to the work the company do,  so we had interview photographs, customer interface photographs in addition to stock images such as the company’s new business cards.

Again it was an interesting assignment and I genuinely enjoy producing new photographs for sparkly new websites and social media campaigns, so if your business needs some photographs please get in touch, it’s far better than trawling for stock images and much more cost effective.

I hope you like a small sample of the images taken during our work at The Forum.

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