Social Media Profile Photographs

Social media profile photographs which are professionally produced are vitally important for all professionals networking and engaging with clients and business associates alike. When booking a session with a client to take some photographs my first question is usually “how do you want to use the images?” Invariably, social media outlets are a priority but I’m always keen to explore other applications such as use in publications, flyers, posters etc that might be easily achieved during a session.

Social media images tend to involve small headshots, images for flyers and publications usually require a little more thought a larger background a bit more professional furniture or an environmental portrait in the workplace.  On this assignment my client needed not only headshots but images for flyers which introduced her and helped suggest the type of work she carries out.

As an independent tutor in computer sciences we wanted to show a computer in some of the shots to integrate into marketing material. I combined this with a white background so that the high key  images produced could easily be photoshopped into designs and produced images in both a landscape and portrait orientation again so that future design work would be assisted. We combined these more technical shots with standard profile headshots and the slightly wider crop of a 3/4 length shot which again is a boon to designers who can crop these images as much as they require relying on a high quality file to work with.

If you are in need of some headshots or more detailed profile images then please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


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