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Recently I worked with Eastgate Larder a Norfolk based company who produce products made from the fruit of the “long forgotten” Medlar tree. Originally I photographed some of their lovely products that include a Medlar Cheese (not actually a cheese), Medlar Jelly and a Spicy Medlar Chutney. The photographs produced were designed for listings, website and shopping cart systems to simply show the products in the state in which they’re bought and sold. However, if you’re going to have product photography commissioned in a studio setting you may as well use the same studio setting to produce some informative social media short adverts and so that’s what we did.

I don’t need to tell you that film content is the future of marketing. Yes, we’ll still need stills photography for product pages etc but the majority of marketing exists in the realm of social media and in that format film is king/queen every time.

I was very lucky that having had a tour of Eastgate Larders medlar tree orchards and heard first hand from business owner Jane Steward the history of the medlar, I had a good idea as to what type of message to convey in any short adverts produced. Medlars are a forgotten fruit, so introducing them was important hence they appear as themselves in the adverts. The next message was the simplicity and natural ingredients that go into the cheese and jelly medlar preserves, just Lemon, Medlar and Sugar. Finally I wanted to give suggestions as to the foods the preserves can be eaten with and advertise the range that Eastgate offer.

I filmed the produce with the ingredients and serving suggestion immediately after photography utilising the studio set up but changing out the photography based lighting for film lighting. The films were then edited primarily for sharing via social media on Facebook and Instagram and have been well received.

There’s a sample of one of the films below and if you’d like to see more feel free to explore my Youtube channel here: PHIL BARNES PHOTOGRAPHY AND FILM YOUTUBE CHANNEL

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