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Last year one of my friends in a group who play mediocre poker together and call ourselves the House of Snacks ( based on our ability to consume lots of snacks playing poker) asked us all if we’d support him in raising money for Cancer Research UK in memory of his mum. We’d seen the devastating effect losing his mum had had via our, by then, Zoom based poker games and all volunteered to help him in running a Marathon a month for six months. Producing little social media films to aid our fundraising we attracted the attention of the local CRUK team who asked if we’d mind producing a film to promote their Race for Life event.

Historically Race for Life was just for the ladies which was something looking back that I was always jealous I couldn’t join in with. It looked like a great event and my wife participated whereas I wasn’t allowed. To say I’m chuffed to be able to join in this year and be asked to help promote it is underselling it. In honour of the lovely leg warmers I used to see friends wear to such events I had to get some for the boys to try out in just for a bit of fun at the end of the film 🙂

We’re particularly happy that our fundraising has been recognised by the World’s top poker players who have sent messages of encouragement to us all.

Hope you like the film as much as we did producing it. Join us on Facebook “House of Snacks” group if you’d like to learn more or donate 🙂 Click the link below to watch the film.

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