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It’s great to revisit clients again and again, particularly when they’re expanding their workforce and need photographs of the new staff members. Canham Consulting a Norwich based company concerned with civil and structural engineering, in addition to building surveying, recently asked me back to reproduce some staff photography for them to cover the new members on their team and some older ones who weren’t available last time I visited.

I often offer a wider service than a simple headshot when being asked to produce photographs for clients. Companies often need a headshot for their staff and key-personnel but it’s often also a great idea to have some environmental shots of the staff in their working environment. The benefits are two fold, modern headshots are a slightly wider crop than the traditional head and shoulders headshot. With modern web design and the multiple uses that headshots can be put too, it’s a great idea to produce a large background headshot that is actually almost a 3/4 body photograph. This provides digital marketing specialists with a portrait they can crop into different aspect ratios being able to use wider and closer crops for say a website staff introduction page and a social media/networking media tightly cropped headshot. If the headshot is also produced on a white background then again ease of manipulation of the image is facilitated with a white background shot being easy to transpose onto different designs or to combine into a multiple person image.

The environmental portraits give you a ready alternative to the traditional headshot and are particularly useful for marketing professionals as they give further photographic content that can be related to staff members in blog posts, adverts or even included in proposals etc.

I’ve included a couple of examples of headshots and environmental portraits below. If you would like a quote for a portrait session for you company then please get in touch.

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