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The importance of staff portraits in a working world where most communication doesn’t occur face to face can’t be underestimated. A local architectural firm LSI architects based in both London and Norwich are keenly aware of the importance of images of their staff both in the tendering processes important to architectural projects and the fulfilment of projects themselves. Images of the staff involved in fulfilling or potentially fulfilling your project gives you a grounding as to who you are dealing with and speaking to whether via phone, email.

For this reason placing emphasis on the production of images of your staff members from associates to technicians that show their personality and an approachable and friendly aspect can’t be underestimated. I pride myself in not producing portraits that lack personality, and take great efforts to make my clients comfortable in front of the camera particularly if it’s an experience they do not anticipate enjoying.

In producing portraits for LSI I produce both headshots and environmental portraits. Some people are more comfortable having environmental portraits taken than they are with headshots and indeed can look more natural and relaxed for the former. In producing both, I not only provide options for my client but also a variety where portraits are used for different applications.

The images I deliver are delivered via download galleries which allow large files and smaller files to be downloaded suitable for print media and web use respectively. For LSI I also produce all images in both colour and black and white. This suits print and web use and gives you the option when producing websites of having a roll-over on staff image displays which indicates whose profile you are viewing by changing the colouration of their image.

Below is a small sample of the images produced from my most recent session with LSI, I hope you agree that the staff at LSI look friendly, approachable and professional.

staff portraits






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