Stock Imagery for your company: real members of staff!

A good majority of my work is producing stock imagery for companies to use on their website, in their social media feeds, advertising, recruitment and in communications with clients. You can’t beat a good real image from within a workplace, with real people we can relate to, and your actual work environment rather than a photoshoot location/AI creation.

I’m often asked to combine producing stock imagery with a visit to a workplace to take some professional headshots. We might as well, if I’m on-site you may as well get as much image collateral as is possible in a single session.

To this end I’m experienced and adept at setting up for work environment professional portraits in a workplace and studio style headshots. I carry portable gear, utilise meeting, board, broom cupboards and other rooms to set up kit and enjoy photographing your members of staff.

Then I also have portable equipment and flashes for producing natural images in the workspace whether that’s IT offices, workshops or more.

The main thing is that you get images of your actual workspace, you can’t underestimate the power of having an actual workplace image particularly to a potential employee during a recruitment campaign. Then you have real people, not models obviously posing, but work mates, individuals you may work with, or be helped by, or who may be your next line manager.

Working with M+A partners in their Norfolk offices I’ve had the pleasure of producing both headshots and stock imagery which has been put to great use in flyers, recruitment posters, banners, website, socials posts and more. Real staff members have been spotted by friends in adverts for the company they’re proud to be part of.

Here’s a few stock images from a recent session, real people, real workplace.

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