T.W.Page-Water Engineers Website Images: Commercial Photography

T.W. Page & Sons are a local Norwich company who’ve been established for over 80 years specialising in water supply. The company wanted to produce a new website and needed images for this purpose.

When I visited T.W. Page & Sons on the edge of Norwich it was mid-winter and the ground was frozen over but this Norwich based company were still busy. As work had to be done, I arrived early and only had a short amount of time to photograph the companies employees and managers and then move onto some detail shots before everyone had to shoot out to various locations around Norfolk.

Flashes were erected, vehicles were arranged, as were people and then the company shots were taken. All the vehicles were then moved and detail shots were completed in a timely fashion.

The finished images were provided to the company both as a hard copy disk and to their web designer based in London via a FTP download direct from my image galleries.

If you would like to see the finished website please follow this link; NORFOLK COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY.




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