Talking Heads Films for East Anglian Businesses

Having a breadth to the work, you can provide is always going to place you in good stead to offer your clients additional services. A few years ago I started doing film work and after that also started specialising in drone work including indoor fly through drone tours. A recent assignment with a client One Broker who I’ve provided headshots to for a number of years, involved filming and editing talking heads films regarding their tailored insurance policies. Working closely with the great team at Method Marketing who scripted, arranged and oversaw the filming process we produced three full length films and several social media shorts highlighting several different products offered by this specialist insurance company.

Filming talking heads involves good audio, good lighting and good scripting to make sure your talking head is well presented, cogent and concise whilst also delivering the information to your client. In a world of increasingly remote business in which talking to individuals and getting tailored service is receding, a talking heads film puts a human face to your service, is engaging and informative. For this assignment I employed several cameras per interviewee, b-roll footage gleaned from the business environment and audio recording. I also supplied a tele-prompter which the clients found made their job easier and which made the process much more efficient for the presenters, meaning they didn’t have to take too much time out of their busy working day to sit and talk for the films.

The films themselves were brilliantly scripted by Method marketing working with the presenters and were divided into smaller excerpts so that a client could view the whole film and smaller snippets on social media. I provided the editing process which included adding intro and outro graphics, lower thirds titles and more using the brand colours and font presently utilised by the company.

The resultant films now feature on the company website and offer clients a personable introduction to the service offering around motor trade, housing and private ambulance insurance policies.

Here’s a link to some of the content on the One Broker Youtube channel.

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