Talking Heads Films: Insurance Industry

Explaining industry specific insurance policies to potential clients is important for independent insurance brokers such as One Broker. To remove the anonymity and automation of the insurance industry and have actual experts in their insurance fields explaining the why’s and wherefore’s of their insurance offering is revelatory. Talking heads films for the insurance industry do just this, they present the real people who deal with your insurance talking about their work, and what they can offer their clients. In an age of Youtube searches for more information on topics of interest for your business or personal life the talking heads films filmed for One Broker provide a mine of information to the business wanting industry specific insurance policies. The client not only gets to learn about the subject they are interested in but virtually meet a person who will be overseeing their policy.

Working with Method Marketing we filmed another two talking heads films recently with One Broker, with the films focussing on Landlord and Haulage Insurance policies. With scripts which had been compliance checked we filmed two experts talking about their particular fields. From the practical filming perspective we used two camera positions to enable us to give an audience a fresh perspective and also used real b-roll footage from the offices of the company overlaid on the films to illustrate the size and scale of One Broker to potential clients. One recent revelation in the world of filming talking heads is the ability to easily use an autocue when filming someone reading a script. This allows for a much more natural and efficient filming process and is very easy for the interviewee to get used to, so that even someone without any camera facing experience can easily achieve great results.

Below are a couple of behind the scenes phone photographs of an interview set up, with One Broker’s Haulage Insurance expert Ian Limeburner caught between takes.

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