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Great branding doesn’t stop at your website, business cards, and socials pages, it continues into your film content particularly when you have services to sell to potential clients. A higher standard of talking heads films in which you can explain your services to clients is a must.

I got to know Neil Tarbett at Free Spirit Mortgages recently and even got to see him give a talk at a business to business meeting at the Gridserve marketing meet-up. Free Spirit Mortgages specialise in providing mortgage advice to freelancers, the self-employed, investors and those that work on PAYE contracts.

Neil had recently had a great website rebuild and had gone strong on the branding with excellent design work and photography included in his offering. The one thing that Neil didn’t have was professional looking video/film content. As with most businesses, the first recourse had been to produce DIY films. Now these are fine for starters but once you’ve upgraded branding don’t hold the same weight of professionalism as films produced with good graphics, audio and filming.

I offered Neil the opportunity to re-film some of the content that not only introduces the potential client to his services but also to him as an individual. Thankfully, Neil took me up on the offer and we took a couple of hours at his home to produce a good amount of content that can be used on Youtube, socials and could also be embedded on his website directly.

In filming at Neil’s own home we were attempting to not only show the film in a relaxed setting but also to reproduce Neil as he might be found attending a client’s own address or consultation in their home. It also gave us the option of including a little of Neil’s own personality in the films which is a welcome addition. We produced films that are quick to watch with all being under 3 minutes, and also edited shorts for social media which were sub 30 seconds and up to about a minute depending on the target audience.

Not only will the films hopefully engage audiences and heighten Neil’s profile but also these will also be useful references for people wanting to learn more before engaging Free Spirit Mortgages.

Follow the link below to see a sample of the films we produced which invite the viewer to learn more and to have a consultation with Neil regards their own mortgage options.

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