UEA Health and Social Care- 3-D printing Conference Photography

Earlier this year I got the opportunity to photograph a 3-D printing conference on behalf of the UEA Health and Social Care Partners. After several years of Covid this was a first conference back for the staff involved and for myself and was a small conference bringing together interested parties and experts in the field. I’m normally privileged to photograph several science based conferences each year so this was a welcome return.

When photographing a conference you both concentrate on the job in hand and brief which involves watching and listening for moments particularly in speeches and group sessions of spontaneous interaction and reaction that creates great photographs. However with scientific conferences I find myself back as a student listening intently to the subject matters being discussed, the scientific discoveries and strides in particular fields, it is quite literally fascinating and thankfully means I remain fully engaged with the work I’m carrying out.

The advances and advantages of 3-d printing in health and social care are manifold and it was fascinating to both see models used to guide patients and professionals, the work produced to reconstruct the human body using this technology and indeed at the end of the day to have the opportunity to visit a state of the art 3-d printing lab with the attendees to learn a little more about the advances in the actual processes used themselves.

Hopefully my interest in the subject matter shows in the photographs produced.

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