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Discussing images and photographs that can be produced during a photographic shoot with my clients’ is always very important. On this occasion pinterest boards were shared with preferred poses and the business owner and I had a long chat about the style and content of the images that would be produced. Yoga business photography is often what we call high-key, it’s bright, it’s colourful, and generally puts out some positive energy.

As the yoga teacher’s business is relatively new, we discussed the production of images that would largely be used on social media for advertising, engagement and finally I added the idea of making some of the images illustrative. The illustrative images are designed to lend themselves to extra engagement, to be a teaching aid, a reminder, in addition to being interesting images to study. Hopefully they’ll not only add visual interest but also engagement with potential clients and current clients of the teacher.

Yoga teachers teach in purpose built studios, spaces in large country houses, village halls to name but a few, so for this shoot we hired a small studio in a relatively newly built village hall. Lighting the room with portable flash units meant that on a dull winter’s day we had control of the light levels and the colour and quality of the light used. Without pretty sunshine, you’re normally at the mercy of the resident artificial lights of an establishment which unfortunately aren’t often complementary to subjects skin tones.

We planned photographs of several poses, these being carefully chosen not to be too complicated for beginners in Yoga, and these were practised by the teacher and an assistant who kindly leant her time to assist the teacher with her shoot. This gave me a good opportunity to photograph synchronised poses indicative of teaching, actual mocked up teaching images, and illustrative images showing the movement sequence to attain various Yoga positions. The illustrative images were achieved by recording a sequence of images from a fixed position and then working in photoshop to manipulate these images into an overlaid sequence as below.

Hopefully the images produced will be used as a reference by the teacher’s students, as an example of one-to-one teaching scenarios, and as an example of the poses taught in the teacher’s classes. If you’d like images for your sports or leisure based business then please get in touch to discuss your requirements.



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